About us

Velocity Martial Arts school, inside front view.

Velocity Martial Arts and American Top Team of Pompano Beach is a full-service Martial Arts and fitness gymnasium located in the heart of sunny South Florida.

We offer training and instruction in classical as well as contemporary martial practice and theory, with programs suited to your unique needs and desires.

Our adult and children’s Taekwondo programs focus on both the traditional and modern aspects of the Korean art, including Olympic-style sport Taekwondo training. The traditional practices of Poomse (forms or Kata), breaking, self-defense, one-step, and three-step sparring are also among the fields of study in our Taekwondo program. Our children’s programs emphasize character development and discipline as well as physical development, and we monitor our young students academic progress as well as their martial profficency.



Adults training MMA and Cardio.


For adults with a yearning to improve their physical condition and wellness, but concerned about the contact involved in combative Martial Arts, we have a fun and exciting Cardio Kickboxing program tailored to the needs of adults seeking to get or stay in shape without the risks associated with sparring.


Our Cardio Kickboxing program is designed to accomodate people of any skill level, and experience is not required.




Gymnasium rear training area.

In the world of the Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, few names are as respected and revered as the American Top Team, the world’s winningest MMA team and organization.

Our Jiu-jitsu and MMA program is headed up by none other than ATT team captain and co-founder, Grandmaster Conan Silveira, disciple of the late Carlson Gracie.

Velocity Martial Arts and American Top Team of Pomano Beach also offer instruction in the Brazilian art of Capoeira, a dynamic and exciting blend of dance, Martial Arts, and acrobatics, set to the native rythms of Brazil.

We offer after-school pick-up for children, women’s self-defense seminars, parent’s night out, and a host of other extra-curricular activities for both children and adults such as beach training and school picnics.