Competition Team

Competition Team

Velocity Martial Arts Pompano Beach

– Lighthouse Point – Deerfield Beach- Boca Raton is actively involved in the Olympic Taekwondo competition circuit, and boast a successful and decorated competition team.


With Taekwondo being an officially recognized full-medal Olympic sport, participation in Taekwondo competition is truly an avenue towards Olympian dreams for those with the drive, dedication, and ability to climb the “mountain” of Olympian heights.


With only Taekwondo, wrestling, Judo, boxing, and fencing being recognized as official Olympic Games, it is truly an honor to be among the few Olympic combat-sports.



While the pursuit of actual Olympic glory may be out of reach for most, active participation in the local, state, and national level competition circuit is not only realistic for any member of Velocity Martial Arts and American Top team of Pompano Beach, but can be an enriching and rewarding pursuit.


Any member of the Taekwondo program in our gymnasium is eligible to try out for the team so long as they are at least an intermediate level player. Even if a person does not wish to necessarily become a full-member of the team, a bit of experience in active competition can do a great deal for the participant in the way of confidence and achievement. These have innumerable benefits when applied to situations both outside and within the martial realm.