Private Lesson Program

Private lesson program

Few will argue that the multi-faceted benefits of group Martial Arts training are indeed quite significant. But also, there are a great many who have chosen to opt for private one-on-one instruction in these arts, as either a compliment to group training, or in lieu of it.

At Velocity Martial Arts Pompano Beach – Lighthouse Point – Deerfield Beach – Boca Raton, we offer private instruction under both Master Instructors as well as black belt instructors.

We encourage you to try our private lesson program which can be arranged in single sessions or multi-lesson “packages” at a considerable discount. Offered for Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Capoeira, Karate, Cardio Kickboxing/Fitness, Yoga, Olympic Taekwondo.

Velocity Martial Arts Pompano Beach – Lighthouse Point – Deerfield Beach – Boca Raton will send a Master of your choice to your house if that is your desire if you live in the area of Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, or Lighthouse Point.

The reasons for clients and students seeking private instruction are numerous, and quite varied.


For some, a single or few “privates” are arranged so that a pupil may work on a particular skill which may be giving them trouble, in the same way that a student in the academic system may seek tutoring for an especially difficult subject or in preparation for an examination.

For others, private lessons are viewed as an essential component to a structured and comprehensive competition-based regimen, while there are those who simply wish to get the most out of their time spent undergoing the rigors of training in the Martial Arts.

We offer private lesson plans for all of the arts and styles that we feature, administered by qualified instructors in the respective art.

Take your training or the training of your loved one to the next level with private instruction at Velocity Martial Arts of Pompano Beach – Lighthouse Point – Deerfield Beach – Boca Raton. Membership in our academy is not required for participation in private lesson programs.