Taekwondo Poomse


Those outside of Taekwondo circles may be unfamiliar with the Korean word “Poomse”, but many will recognize its English translation “Form”, or possibly its Japanese and Okinawan translation “Kata”, but the translation “patterns” is more apt.

Basically, a poomse is a series of Karate, or in this case, Taekwondo (both are very similar arts) movements. The practitioner is in fact walking out Pre-arranged sequences, or patterns, of techniques which are aimed at developing a particular set of skills. These patterns are supported by meanings, which can be a philosophical, spiritual, or metaphysical concept; a historical personage or event symbolized through movements and numerated sequences; or simply a particular set of skills. Poomse is infinite. Poomse can be created to reveal or conceal any truth whatsoever.While we may not be able to practice hard sparring on thru the twilight of our lives on this planet, one thing is certain; a person who is well advanced in years that is capable of recalling and performing over ten Taekwondo poomse, is a person who is firm in their mind-body-spirit connection. It is thru poomse that the highest of martial knowledge is preserved, and it is thru poomse that beauty and artistry is more fully expressed than thru any other martial practice. We keep the traditions and legacies of the great Karatemen of history alive thru poomse. In fact, to examine the meanings behind the poomse practiced in Taekwondo is to examine the very minds and souls of our Eastern brothers and sisters.