Velocity Martial Arts – Tips For Teens Attending Summer Camps Boca Raton

Tips For Teens Attending Summer Camps Boca Raton

Bring the necessities in a backpack. If you are not sure whether or not your camp provides lunch many summer camps Boca Raton schools suggest do, bring a bag lunch with you in a backpack. You should also bring sun screen, a phone, a camera, and other similar must-haves. If you are going to a camp which involves sleeping away from home for a bit, the camp will usually furnish you with a list of items to bring. Do not forget your toothbrush!

Read over all the guides and paperwork that come with the camp. Many camps offer parents and teens letters that explain the nitty gritty details that you should be aware of. These may include things like transportation details, daily schedules, and the responsibilities of campers. It is always wise to brush up on summer camp rules before you go for your first day.

Do make an effort when attending camp. Whether you are in a Summer Camp in Boca Raton geared towards going to college next year, a camp that is known for its athletic focus, or a camp that is simply all about enjoying nature, it is wise to actually make an effort to participate in the camp activities. If you are not participating, chances are that you aren’t really having too much fun, and chances are higher that you won’t actually be able to bond with fellow campers as well as you would if you both were partaking in the activity.

Stay safe. As teens, it can be tempting to go AWOL from camp or to do things that are not permitted by counselors. Rules are there to keep you safe. Stay safe, and follow the rules.

Make sure to exchange numbers with kids you enjoyed hanging out with. – One of the coolest things about camp is making new friends, so make sure that you save numbers of your new camp buddies. You might end up making friends of a lifetime this summer.

Take photos. You will want to have photos later on when the Summer Camp Boca Raton has finished. Trust us.

Use your common sense. Even in summer camp, common sense goes a long way. If you see something that you are concerned about, tell a counselor. If you notice that your bunkmate hates it when you stay up very late at night, try to go to sleep earlier.

Keep in touch with your parents. Parents want to make sure that you are having fun at summer camp. Give them a call once in a while.

Great Summer Camp Boca Raton memories start with preparing the right pack for your activities, having the right attitude, and following the rules. Have a happy summer!

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