Yoga originated in India and is the oldest of physical disciplines. Combining stretching, breathing, postures, and meditation, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen the core, improve balance, stamina and flexibility.

Unlike traditional workouts, yoga (which is based on deep breathing) truly quiets the mind and brings a sense of calm. The following are just some of the benefits of yoga for any mixed martial arts fighter.

Classes will start on January 9th, and will be on Mondays at 1pm, Thursdays at 9am, and Saturdays at 9am. We are open to suggestions regarding the schedule. Classes will be complementary January 9th through the 16th!!!

The first week is FREE!!

Margit has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, and graduated from the YogaFox/Red Pearl collaborative teacher training. She is certified through Yoga Alliance. Margit is available for private lessons. Contact Velocity Martial Arts - American Top Team of Pompano for more information.
  • Increased Flexibility: reduces risk of injury, increase potential for speed and functional strength.
  • Increase in Muscular Endurance: increase ability to hold unstable positions grapplers often find themselves in, as well as muscular endurance when fighting for or out of a submission.
  • Increased Dexterity: this is especially beneficial in the legs which makes going for certain submissions such as the triangle choke, goma plata, swinging arm-bars from the guard, etc. MUCH easier, faster, and fluid.
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency: Increases fighter's coordination and the body's ability to move itself in various positions in a controlled manner.
  • Increases the Bodies Stability System: Increases strength and balance in your stabilizer muscles, muscles often overlooked in a fighters MMA workout routine.
  • Reduces Stress: Yoga can bring great calm and relaxation to anyone, especially those that have an active lifestyle. Yoga also teaches one to remain calm and relaxed in a stressful situation, which can help a fighter to remain in a hold longer without tapping out.