Spin Classes Pompano Beach

Spin Classes Pompano Beach

Spinning might look about the same as outdoor cycling or riding a stationary bike, but in many ways, it’s a far more intense workout—and one of the easiest to overdo.

First, there aren’t many breaks in spin class. “When you’re biking outside, you have to be aware of road dangers like water and cars, so you have to slow down at times,” says Dr. Maureen Brogan, an assistant professor of medicine at New York Medical College who has conducted research into spinning. Especially if you’re a novice road rider, it’s going to take some time before you’re comfortable enough on two wheels to really push yourself hard for long distances. That’s not the case on a spinning bike, where newbies can hop on and ride hard from the start.

This puts spinning near the top of the list when it comes to high-intensity workouts. A study from Sweden found that one hour of spinning was enough to trigger the release of blood chemicals associated with heart stress or changes. While that may sound like a bad thing, these blood chemicals—or biomarkers—signal the heart is getting a good workout. “These kinds of findings have also been seen with prolonged exertion such as marathons,” says study author Dr. Smita Dutta Roy of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden. While more research is needed to tease out the risks or benefits associated with exercise of this intensity, she says that some of the biomarker shifts her team observed could lead to blood vessel repair and renewal.

Benefits of Spinning Workouts 

Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness

Spin Classes Pompano Beach Delivers a challenging cardiovascular workout that strengthens the heart, lings, a and vascular system, enabling oxygenated blood to be pumped and processed by he body more efficiently. This ultimately results in an increase in energy levels and improved endurance; that will allow your to work out for longer at a h higher intensity.

High Fat and Calorie Burn

The average spin class is 40 minutes long, though some go for one hour.  Whether you decide to take a class or exercise at home, a 40-minute spinning workout will burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories.

Spinning for one hour, you can burn 800 calories or more, with some people torching as many as 1,200 calories.  With 3,500 calories equal to 1 pound of body fat, doing just two moderately-paced 40-minute spinning workouts a week will enable you to lose over 1 pound a month, without having to cut your food intake.

The number of calories you burn will be determined by factors including your body weight, the resistance level you work at and the effort you put in.

Strengthens the Legs and Core

Spinning workouts tone and strengthen the leg muscles and core.  Start off at a low or moderate pace, increasing the intensity and resistance level of your workouts over time.  By working harder at a higher level of resistance, you will burn extra calories, and your muscles will become stronger and tone up faster.


Another significant benefit of spinning workouts is that they place very little pressure on the joints.  This makes them suitable for people who are unable to do weight-bearing exercise.

Cycling’s smooth action can strengthen the muscles and joints of the knees and hips and prevent muscles from being over-extended.  With stronger joints and muscles, the risk of sprains, tears, joint pain and other stress injuries occurring, decreases.

Low Risk of Injury

As mentioned above, spinning workouts are gentle on the joints.  Additionally, the seat and handlebars of a spin bike provide upper and lower body support that is not present in many forms of exercise.  This adds protection from common back, foot, knee and shoulder injuries that can occur when doing high-impact workouts.

Suitable for All Fitness Levels

Another of the benefits of Spin Classes Pompano Beach workouts is that they can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of their fitness level or age.  If you are new to exercise, cycle at a slow pace.  When you are fitter, for further gains, cycle faster and increase the resistance level of your workouts.