Children make great gains and benefits training 2 days a week.

Now Think if they were here every day.

Interested? The Blackzilians’ Karate After School Programs in Lauderdale By The Sea. is welcoming students offering instruction in a number of martial styles including Taekwondo, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Yoga, Muay Thai, and Capoeira. For kids, the focus is on Taekwondo and Karate. Fees are all-inclusive (free transportation) and note that there are no additional fees for students to attend on early-release days. No penalties for late pick-up.

Monthly, Weekly or Daily plans available

Learning Life Skills In An After School program

So you can see the value of getting your kids in  karate After School Programs in Lauderdale by the Sea. When you are looking for a great way for your children to spend time while you are at work. Look to Martial Arts based After School Programs. The benefits are limitless, and they can be enjoyed for a lifetime. I suggest Velocity Martial Arts if you are looking for After School Programs Lauderdale by the Sea. They have several locations owned and taught by the same person. Ensuring the best Martial Arts instruction available. Their after school program in Lauderdale by the Sea, winter camps, spring camps, and summer camps are award winning.

After School Programs Lauderdale by the Sea are praised by the school system for the benefits that they share with the children. These benefits will be discussed in the body of this article. There is one after school program that is on another level than the rest. Velocity Martial Arts sets the bar when it comes to a program that is martial arts based, however helps with academics as well.

Teaching kids Self Discipline in Lauderdale by the Sea After School Programs

Self discipline is huge when it comes to a person learning anything. The ability to stay on task, all by yourself without someone having to constantly remind you of what you are suppose to be doing. If you take 2 kids, one with good self discipline and one whom has not learned to stay on task and give them a one page story to read. You will find that the well disciplined child will not only finish first, but will be able to follow the story and remember it. The other child will find the story not to make any sense and will therefore not commit it to memory.

Using this example in a school classroom environment with children learning their academics, you will begin to see how important self discipline is. Martial arts is a great way for children who have a hard time staying on task to work on this problem through fun and exciting drills that capture their attention. They create this skill, in after school programs in Lauderdale by the Sea, without even knowing it.

Teaching kids Self Control in Lauderdale by the Sea After School Programs

Self control is also a very important skill children learn in after school programs Lauderdale by the Sea. I would say that self discipline and self control are the 2 most important things for a child. Self control allows the child to physically control their bodies. Every time you move, your mind thinks about what you are doing. The easier the movement, the less a person notices that they actually thought about it.

This being said, a student who cannot sit still in class at school will not be paying the same about of attention that a student will that can control their body movements. Teachers can easily see which children are involved in some kind of martial arts after care by the amount of self control a child has. Controlling the mind is the other half of the self control skill. this helps the person focus on what he or she is doing, and what the teacher is saying. If a child is sitting still but daydreaming, he is still not learning. After school programs Fort Lauderdale that are karate based focus on these two important words.

Childs Over-All Health

For after school programs Lauderdale by the Sea, health is also a big concern. Children are becoming lazy with all the new video and audio stimulation. They would much rather try to beat that next level on their video game, then learn how to throw a fast ball, or sprint to improve their speed. Many parents are too busy to give the child a good routine to promote healthy bodies in their children. Martial arts after school programs again are the right thing to do. They disguise exercise with fun games and drills that teach them how do defend themselves, which takes their mind off of the fact that they are working out. Through games and contests they are challenged and rewarded.

In Closing

In closing, Velocity Martial Arts is the leader in after school programs in Lauderdale by the Sea. If you are looking for one, stop by and check the place out. Thank you, and I will be writing more later.

Velocity Martial Arts After School Programs Lauderdale by the Sea

The number one after school program in Lauderdale by the Sea Florida. This Martial arts school  has been growing for 8 years.  This after school program Lauderdale by the Sea begins with Velocity picking the children up in private, air conditioned wrapped vans. These vans are tested to make sure they are in tip-top condition prior to departure. In the bus, the children are reminded of the rules daily. They must sit with their seat belt fastened. No horseplay, or any activity that would injure a passenger or distract the driver. No food or drink on the bus.

After the after school bus picks up child from their school, they are taken to Velocity Martial Arts Lauderdale by the Sea.  Master Charles Panoyan runs the school. He has expert instructors like Master Conan Silveira, Master Branca, and several other Black Belt Teachers and Pro Fighters teaching at the school. After the children reach Velocity, the first step in this after school program Lauderdale by the Sea is snack and homework time. During this time the children in the after school program take out their snack and homework and quietly complete all assignments. We have helpers there to assist the children with their homework.

The Importance of Afterschool Programs

Learning doesn’t stop at after school programs Lauderdale by the Sea. Especially for kids, they should continue to engage in learning things that they’ll be able to make use of when they grow up. There are a lot of things that should be taught to younger people, and you don’t really need to rely on your child school to provide all of them.

As a parent, you should let your child be exposed to things like after school programs Lauderdale by the Sea because this is the best way and time for them to discover new things about themselves and the society they are living in.

After school programs will give your child the opportunity to choose and be engaged with the things that they would like to learn and giving their options, and this will make their after school time really exciting. Giving them the chance to choose among that the after school programs Lauderdale by the Sea offers, will give them a sense of responsibility and independence as well.

Taking part in this kinds of activity gives your child the chance to make their afterschool time much more enjoyable and worth it. Here are the following benefits that you can avail when you choose to take part with after school programs Lauderdale by the Sea:


  • Your child will have the chance to mingle with other kids aside from those they see at school. If your child is having some issues with the persons they see at class, they will have the chance to get to know other persons beside them and have more friends.


  • This kind of program will teach your kid the importance of respect, cooperation, and empathy. This will help them improve their social skills and grow to be a more responsible person. They will also have the chance to communicate to others and share about their ideas and at the same time, they’ll know how to listen and compliment the thoughts of their fellow.


  • After school programs are undeniably more fun than basic schooling because they add more spice to it and because of this; your child will be encouraged to learn more.


  • Almost all parents have jobs even if school days are already over. And letting your child go to after school programs Lauderdale by the Sea will assure you that your child is a safe place and learning.


There are a lot of things that you can do to help your child progress not only at school but also with the reality of life. Always do what’s best for your child, and watch them grow that way you want them to be.