The practitioner is in fact walking out Pre-arranged sequences, or patterns, of techniques which are aimed at developing a particular set of skills. These patterns are supported by meanings, which can be a philosophical, spiritual, or metaphysical concept; a historical personage or event symbolized through movements and numerated sequences; or simply a particular set of skills.

Pumsae is infinite. These Taekwondo forms can be created to reveal or conceal any truth whatsoever. While we may not be able to practice hard sparring on thru the twilight of our lives on this planet, one thing is certain; a person who is well advanced in years that is capable of recalling and performing over ten Taekwondo pumsae, is a person who is firm in their mind-body-spirit connection.




Taekwondo Poomsae, Forms or Patterns

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what are poomsae


Simply put, Taekwondo forms are patterns of stances, blocks and strikes intended to fine tune the techniques of the student.

There are eight basic poomsae forms in each series which are learned by all Taekwondo practitioners, and higher level forms for advanced students and black belts. Each form has a unique purpose – some teach the fundamentals of Taekwondo such as stances, kicks and punches; others focus on application of learned skills in self-defense scenarios. The practice of poomsae is an essential part of Taekwondo training, helping to improve strength, coordination, balance and flexibility while instilling valuable principles such as discipline and focus.

Beyond the foundational forms, there are additional special poomsae forms that may be used for competition and demonstration purposes. By mastering the poomsae forms, Taekwondo practitioners can progress to higher levels of proficiency in their chosen martial art.

Practicing taekwondo forms is an effective way to develop physical strength, coordination and flexibility while learning valuable life skills such as discipline and focus. As practitioners progress along their Taekwondo journey, they will learn more complex forms that can help them reach higher levels of proficiency in the martial art.

what are poomsae

 It is thru pumsae (or poomse, poomsae) that the highest of martial knowledge is preserved, and it is thru pumsae that beauty and artistry is more fully expressed than thru any other martial practice. We keep the traditions and legacies of the great Karatemen of history alive thru pumsae. In fact, to examine the meanings behind these forms practiced in Taekwondo is to examine the very minds and souls of our Eastern brothers and sisters.