After School Program Lighthouse Point

May 7, 2023 MasterCharles

After School Program Lighthouse Point

The Best After School Program in Lighthouse Point Florida

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After School Program in Lighthouse Point

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After School Program in Lighthouse Point


After School Program Lighthouse Point

So, I am really jealous of my next-door neighbor’s after school program in Lighthouse Point. After school he gets to go to a really cool after care. We both go to the same school and live in , Florida, but it is no fair that he gets to go have fun and play around with other kids after school in this really cool after school program and I have to go home. I want to go to an after school program too! I have told both my mom and dad that there is so much to do in these after school programs and that I would really like to go. My next-door neighbor tells me that when he goes to his after school program in Lighthouse Point, it’s like going to summer camp every day after school.

Again, it is not fair that I can’t go! So, he and I go to the same school in Lighthouse Point. We have the same teacher. We have the same friends, for the most part. We are both the same size and both even have the same kind of dog. But the biggest difference between us happens right after school. I get picked-up by my mom, dad or grandmother or grandfather, and he gets picked up in a really cool van or bus that he gets to take to this amazing after school program center that is in Lighthouse Point.

Close and Convenient After School Program Lighthouse Point

I mean it is right here in Lighthouse Point! I feel like I am so close, yet so far away! It’s not fair! Well, he says that when he get to the after school program, they get to have snack. That some of the counselors are even so cool, that they order pizza for them to enjoy in the after school program center. Pizza. He gets pizza and I get celery sticks and peanut butter. I mean really? Is that fair? I don’t think so! So then after snack, he says it is time for the whole after school program to do their homework. Ok fair. I have to do that too after snack time. But then here comes another part where it’s not fair. Sometimes my mom and dad can’t pick me up from school and my grandparents have to take care of me after school. But when I am doing my homework, sometimes I do not understand it at all and I can’t ask them for help. Why you ask. Well, the answer is simple.

Let Us Help

My grandparents don’t understand or speak English so there is no way they can help me with my homework. This has been my argument with my parents for like ever! My neighbor gets homework help at his after school program. You would think from the stories I tell about his day after school and my days after school that we did not live in the same community of Lighthouse Point. Lighthouse Point is tiny. I do not see what the big deal of me going to an after school program right herein Lighthouse Point is. At the after school program where this kid goes, he says that they get to play all these really fun games. That they let you run around outside and that the after school leaders play with you too. I want to go to a Lighthouse Point after school program so bad, I am really thinking of asking for that for Christmas this year. Why can’t my parents understand all the stuff they would get for their money if they just sent me to a Lighthouse Point after school program?!? If I were a parent I would totally send my kid to a after school program.

In Closing

Think about it, the kids get picked-up from school, they get driven in a safe van to an after school center, the after school program gives all the kids a nice snack that they all love. They counselors are super smart and can help with homework if the kids need help. And then there is all the paly time. I get to get rid of all that energy that always gets me in trouble at home. I mean it is perfect! Mom dad? What are you waiting for to put me in an after school program in Lighthouse Point?

Since the 1990s, after-school programs have been popular because of their educational and social benefits, among others. It is based on the premise that what children learn beyond the classroom will be powerful and will have a positive impact in shaping not only their minds but their personality as a whole. With this, there is no wonder why many parents are interested in enrolling their children in after-school programs Lighthouse Point. With a variety of classes that are available, kids can choose specific programs that suit their personal interests.

Benefits of After-School Programs Lighthouse Point


Among other things, one of the good things about after-school programs is that they are a form of socialization. Especially if it is done outside of school, this is a good way for kids to meet other people. This will especially be beneficial for kids with learning, attention, and social problems.

More so, after-school programs Lighthouse Point also increases academic skills since it can be considered as a supplement to classroom learning. In some instances, after-school programs offer homework help, which will provide kids with a less formal environment where they will be more interested in completing their assignments.

Physical activity is one more benefit from after-school programs Lighthouse Point. This, however, will depend on the specific activity where the kids will be engaged. If it is in sports, for instance, the program can be good for their physical health. Additionally, it can also teach them leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship, among others.

Tips in Choosing After-School Programs Lighthouse Point

 One of the first things that you should do is to ask your child or ask for his or her preferences. The things that they find interesting will make them more participative in the program. Another consideration would be age-appropriateness. Check for what is right for their age and make sure that they will be with students who are of the same age. Of course, financial considerations should also be taken into account. Make sure as well that the program will be conducted in an environment that is open and friendly.

Examples of After-School Programs Lighthouse Point

 Private tutoring is perhaps the most popular after-school program in Lighthouse Point. It is an extension of classroom lessons, with the only difference being the fact that the environment is informal, and there is dedicated attention. For those who are physically active, martial arts, soccer, and other sports are popular choices when it comes to after-school programs. For the arts, on the other hand, after-school programs Lighthouse Point include dance, music, and writing. The options will surely be endless. Regardless of what kids find interesting, they will be able to find a program that is suited for what they want.

After School Program in Lighthouse Point

As a loving parent, you perfectly understand that the time that your child spends in between school out and getting home can be considered as a very stressful time during the day. Even though you completely trust your child, the events that take place as they go home, complete their homework, and make sure that they stay safe, can prove to be very challenging to them.

The good news is that you can actually make your child productive during this period, and at the same time, give yourself that peace of mind. This can be done by enrolling your child in after school programs Lighthouse Point. They are a great assistance to parents like you who wants to explore other options when it comes to making sure that you child continues to learn new things.

The Benefits

One of the most important reasons why you may want to consider after school programs Lighthouse Point is that you can ensure that overall safety of your beloved child. Children are oftentimes not equipped with personal capabilities to deal with emergencies which may arise. This can be provided by after school programs Lighthouse Point. These programs are served by staff members who are qualified to look after the students.

At the same time, you will also be assured that close supervision will be provided to your child, making sure that safe transportation is also provided. In these programs, your child can avail of physical activities that can help in giving your child the fuel that they need for a very healthy physical development. You also do not have to worry about food because some after school programs Lighthouse Point cater to this as well.

Extracurricular Activities

It has been said that all work for your child can make him or her unhappy. According to studies, children who go straight home right after school only have limited options for releasing energy, as well as in exploring new interests. With after school programs Lighthouse Point, children are provided with wonderful opportunities in expanding their learning through the different activities that are prepared for them. Examples of such activities are drama, gymnastics, and several others.

With after school programs Lighthouse Point, outdoor entertainment is also introduced, since those activities can teach your child some valuable skills which can result in academic success. When your child starts to attend an after school program, he or she will be encouraged to take risks as they start to explore the bigger world around them. As a result, they become more motivated and empowered, thus improving their level of confidence. At a program after school, children learn to work towards achieving their greatest potential with the help of trained staff who can guide them all the way.

After School Programs Lighthouse Point are a great way for kids to learn the important life skill of self discipline. Self discipline is to do the right thing with without someone telling you to do so . Steve Pavlina says there five pillars to self discipline ”the five pillars of self-discipline are: Acceptance, Willpower, Industry, Hard Work, and Persistence. If you take the first letter of each word, you get the acronym “A WHIP” — a convenient way to remember them, since many people associate self-discipline with whipping themselves into shape”.

Self Defense Classes After School

Self discipline can be applied in Tae Kwon Do in many ways. The students must be in there uniform, if not the student will face a punishment. That helps out by when the child gets older he or she when they begin their jobs, they must have their uniform. If there are not dressed right for the job sooner or later there going to get fired. Another form of self discipline is the after school program student must be disciplined enough to remember their curriculum. Combinations, poomse, board breaking, and sparring are important parts of the students belt testing requirements. Meaning the Lighthouse Point students must study at home or during their free time, if not they would not get there next rank. This helps out in the future during school they must be able to study for their exams and must be able to do their homework at home and turn it in the next day those are some of the ways self discipline can be use in Tae Kwon Do


Learning Self Discipline After School

If you were explaining to young karate after school programs Lighthouse Point students about self discipline, one would use the example of playing with your toys, after your done a self discipline person would pick up. If they don’t pick up after themselves there parents would come in and start yelling at them. Same concept can be used with their homework, with their chores, and so on. These are all very important learning experiences.

Lighthouse Point teenagers are at a different learning stage of their lives. If you were explaining it to after school programs teenager, you would they must practice there curriculum to get the next belt. That can be applied by saying while you’re in school and you got a science project you must do your best because if you don’t give your time to your project its going to be sloppy. You want to make sure its the best by taking your time looking up your information.

Learning Focus After School

Try to make it the best you can also goes for poomsae, if you actually take the time to make your chamber, your stances, and your technique are correct instead of just being lazy and doing the poomse wrong causing you to fail your exam. Self Discipline is even different for an adult. Adults need to push themselves to perform well at work, and more importantly take care of their bodies. Living a healthy life style gets more important the older you get. Another way would be they must be self discipline enough to practice there curriculum because in life you must always push yourself to seek knowledge and those would be some of the ways to explain it to adults.