If you go to a Capoeira school to watch an exhibition of Capoeira style and skill, one can quite easily see its tremendous influence in the worlds of Breakdancing, Modern Martial Arts films, and even video games such as Tekken.

From its origins in Africa, thru its history in its homeland of Brazil, Capoeira  developed thru a unique combination of factors to become an exciting as well as exotic Martial Art. If you are interested in a  Capoeira school in Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point and Lauderdale By The Sea, Call TODAY!

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Though Capoeira is difficult to master, even a person with no previous martial training can begin to enjoy its curious blend of self-defense and dance under the tutelage of our patient instructors in a systematic and progressive training program at our Capoeira school

Whether your ambition is to become an advanced Capoeira player or competitor, to become skilled in performance-oriented Capoeira, learn self defense in a beautiful art form, get in shape, or simply have fun, we at The Blackzillians’ Capoeira school of Fort Lauderdale are eager to assist you in the pursuit of your desires. Instruction in the traditional musical instruments of Brazil that accompany the art is also included in our program. Call us now to set up an appointment and visit our academy, and begin your journey towards proficiency in this Brazilian-born art and sport.