The Blackzilians offer many different Martial Arts Camps fort kids and adults, beginner to Pro. For children we offer Martial Arts training camps such as Olympic Taekwondo Sparring, BJJ competition, MMA training camps, Winter Camp, Spring Camp and Summer Camp.

For adults we offer co-ed Martial Arts training camps, in a variety of arts. For women we have self defense camps focusing on rape prevention and street appropriate self defense techniques.

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Our Martial Arts Camps are the perfect way for your loved ones to spend their days during their vacations while you are at work. For those of you living in Broward County Florida, we have put together award winning Camps that can challenge your child physically and mentally. Parents have the opportunity to “add” special requests to the already amazing camp program to further help their child in the civilian world. We can help with cleanliness, respecting adults, self control, and any other life skill parents are having trouble teaching your child. 

The Blackzilians Performance Institute is NOT a child care facility. The guidelines we follow differ depending on the City.

In our Winter, Spring and Summer Camps in Pompano Beach your child will also get in shape and learn a different Martial Art every week. This way your child will figure out which he is passionate about, which will help find one that he or she will be excited to go to every day. Further helping us to help your child on the road to adulthood. 

There are daily, weekly, monthly plans.

There are early enrollment discounts if enrolled in the camp 30 days or more prior to the end of the school year. Call the school to get exact pricing, enrollment details, and camp schedules. Our Karate Summer Camps are offered Monday through Friday, drop off is as early as 7:30am, and pick up is anytime as late as 8:30pm. There are plenty of Staff to watch the children until pick up at no extra charge.