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Men's Martial Arts Programs are open to pros and civilians. Try any of our Men's Martial Arts Classes for free.

Men’s Martial Arts Programs stand alone as the supreme quest for self-mastery. The strengthening of the body coupled with the disciplining of the mind as is practiced in the myriad forms and styles of martial practice, bring about untold heights of empowerment, self-confidence, and physical prowess.

While the overt expressions of the Martial Arts (fighting skills, attainment in physique, strength and speed), are indeed significant, there are many other subtle benefits to be gained from these practices; an increased ability to focus the mind and energies on any given task; a positive outlet for natural aggression and even work-related or personal stress; an increased level of energy; the inner peace and harmony which comes to a person as a result of these efforts; and the confidence that one experiences when they know that they are adequately prepared for any given situation.

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Men’s Martial Arts Programs Available

Men's Taekwondo

Men’s Taekwondo Olympic/Civilian (TKD)

As there are a multitude of colors in the observable universe, so to are there a great many facets to the jewels of the traditional Martial Arts.

While acknowledging that boxing, wrestling, and other western combat sports and fighting systems such as fencing are indeed martial forms of practice and theory, when one speaks of men’s Martial Arts programs one instantly envisions the wealth of arts that have their origins in the East. These arts include Karate, Kung-Fu, Aikido, and Taekwondo.

For those with an interest in Asian culture and traditional-style training, Taekwondo can be an exciting journey thru the martial worlds. While our adult Taekwondo program provides foundation in traditional training and theory, it also takes a practitioner thru the dynamic sport of Olympic-style Taekwondo, an official Olympic sport, as well as leading a person toward proficiency in both practical self-defense as well as MMA-style fighting.

There is also a strong philosophical, historical, and metaphysical aspect to our method of Taekwondo instruction, enabling a practitioner to examine the greater of existence as well as the self, alongside the practice of martial technique, training, and theory.

Stop by our gym if you are interested in learning Taekwondo in Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point and Lauderdale By The Sea. Click Here to go to our Taekwondo Page

Men's Mixed Martial Arts

Men’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

For those familiar with events such as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Pride Fighting Championship, Strikeforce and other such fighting promotions.

MMA is the most popular of men’s Martial Arts programs. The Blackzilians are established as the king of combat sports and the team with the most wins in the sport.

MMA is a professional combat-sport, as well as being an effective and explosive form of self-defense and exercise. You may have competitive aspirations, desire to be more confident with your fighting and self-defense abilities, interested in the sport from a casual perspective, or simply looking to do something interesting and fun to get or stay in shape; whatever your personal goals and ambitions may be, MMA is the top of the combat-sport food chain.

Our world class instructors are teachers that have represented teams like The Blackzilians, American Top Team and JACO. Come to our facility if you are interested in learning the exciting fighting art of Mixed Martial Arts in Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point and Lauderdale By The Sea. Click here to learn more about our Mixed Martial Arts classes.

Men's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ)  Submission Wrestling

The grappling arts have come to be intertwined more than ever before in this rapidly evolving period in martial history. The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu revolution has ignited a worldwide interest in this fascinating aspect of combat.

Since Samurai times, Jiu-jitsu has evolved into a distinct art involving joint manipulations, chokes, throws, and other such close-range techniques and maneuvers. The Brazilian or “Gracie” style of Jiu-jitsu has established itself as the most effective method of subduing an opponent thru this sort of technique, as demonstrated in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and grappling-only competition.

In todays men’s Martial Arts Programs, Submission Wrestling combines BJJ with techniques and training methods from other grappling arts such as wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and Catch-style, to create and develop a total and complete grappler.

The Blackzilians are an active and dominant force in South Florida’s premier competitive grappling league, NAGA (North American Grappling League). Come to our gym if you are interested in trying the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point and Lauderdale By The Sea Click here to go to our BJJ Page

Men's Capoeira

Men’s Brazilian Capoeira

For a man or teenager who craves exciting, fast-paced and acrobatic men’s Martial Arts programs, the Brazilian fight-dancing of Capoeira can be the perfect high-energy combative art form.

For those unfamiliar with Capoeira, it is a combination of Martial Arts techniques and dancing, though this generalization does nothing to indicate the beauty and explosiveness of the art and sport.

Practiced widely on the beaches of Brazil, Capoeira fuses traditional Brazilian musical instruments and rhythms with its unique brand of daredevil martial expression. Classes are open to first-timers as well as Capoeira players of all levels of experience. Stop by to try a free class if you are interested in Capoeira in Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point and Lauderdale By The Sea.  Click here to go to our “Capoera” page

Men's Cardio Kickboxing

Men’s Cardio Kickboxing

Men, are you out of shape, or are you in decent shape but would like to become more fit, trim, ripped, cut, healthy, or whatever your vision of wellness entails? Do you like the idea of training in the Martial Arts, but are reluctant to get involved because of a concern about sparring, being too out of shape, or simply self-conscious of having never practiced Martial Arts before? Cardio Kickboxing type classes may be the perfect men’s Martial Arts programs for you.

You may have aspirations to go further in your studies, or Cardio Kickboxing may become a life-long practice of yours. The effectiveness of Cardio Kickboxing in terms of fitness is universally accepted. Cardio Kickboxing is a stress-relieving, punching, kicking way to get your workout on, using techniques from Boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo without some of the less popular practices associated with Martial Arts like sparring, belt examinations, uniforms, forms/katas, or being forced to work at a particular pace.

Stop by our gym if you are interested in trying Cardio Kickboxing in Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point and Lauderdale By The Sea. Click here to go to our “Cardio Kickboxing” page