Karate Schools Pompano Beach

April 19, 2023 MasterCharles

Karate Schools Pompano Beach

The Best Karate Schools Pompano Beach

karate schools Pompano Beach
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Karate Schools Pompano Beach

Our Martial Arts, Aftercare and Winter/Spring/Summer Camp blog contains articles, opinions and ideas
sent in by The Blackzilians and our community.

Seeking Good Karate Schools Pompano Beach?

For those of you who are seeking Karate schools Pompano Beach, there are certain things you should look for in your martial arts school. For starters one should consider the gym itself. If they are offering karate they should have all the basics a karate school should have. Mats on the floors bathrooms water fountain and an area one can sit and watch the program. From there you have all the extras various kicking paddles bags and mirrors. From there you have gyms that have karate in pompano beach that even offer more.

Karate Schools Training Equipement

Some karate schools have resistance bands free weights and kettle bells. Even farther speed bags to work hands pull up bars and dip racks. A great sound system and televisions looping music videos during cardio kickboxing class. Matted walls to be able to work mixed martial arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The reason I bring all this up is after looking at several Karate schools Pompano Beach that offer karate. I found schools that have just the basics all the way to schools that had EVERYTHING one needs for a good work out. Blackzilians Performance Institute  was a school that really stuck out as far as the over all facility.

Pompano Beach Karate Teachers

Next it is a good idea to look at who is teaching in karate  schools. Is the teacher qualified is he in shape himself Did he learn his martial arts from a book a DVD or a franchise of martial arts schools that teach their instructors from newsletters that are mailed Or did he learn from the streets or national/international competition As funny as it sounds there are teacher at some schools that teach karate that have never themselves been in an actual fight. As negative as “street fighting” sounds I would much rather put my confidence in someone that has LOTS of experience testing these moves out in a real life situation.

Importance of Experienced Karate Teachers

I mean most of us have families and cannot risk getting in random fights on the cold streets so if I was paying someone to teach me karate so I can defend myself I would want it to be from someone who has been in a MILLION fights. Would you take your car to a mechanic that read a book about rebuilding your engine or a professional that has rebuilt many with great success. So when choosing a place to learn self defense take a good long look at the teachers running program unfortunately there are some unqualified teachers out there teaching week Karate schools Pompano.

Karate Schools And Competition

Competition is another thing to look for in Karate schools Pompano Beach. Taekwondo is a full medal art in the Olympics. Truth is that to compete at that level you must compete in the USAT circuit. AAU is another taekwondo circuit that is growing fast and even has their own national team now. They are even getting into electronic scoring which is on the cutting edge of tournament play. After looking around Master Charles Panoyan’s Blackzilians Performance Institute is the only school in Pompano Beach that actually competes in both of those circuits.

Master Charles Panoyan

Their Sport Taekwondo Competition Team is led by International athlete/coach Master Charles Panoyan. Most Karate schools Pompano Beach are franchises which only competes within itself. Only problem with this is if the program is a watered down franchise curriculum taught by teachers who have never fought themselves and learned there techniques through mailed dvds from their headquarters is that the technique of the student body is typically watered down as well. So these students boast about being “state” or “national” champion but really……. So this example can be used for all karate  schools teaching any art not just karate.

In Closing

To sum up do not just walk into  karate schools  and sign up. Look around at the place is it full of kids and has no successful adult program That would mean the program is week and they cannot keep an adult hungry to learn more. Is the place full of top of the line training equipment or a few bags and plastic karate weapons This would mean they do not care about adults and focus on the easily marketable children.

Are they using their own students in their flyers and advertisements or are they being send marketing tools from the franchise headquarters This would mean that they are not producing students that they are proud enough to have represent them. Lastly are the teachers qualified to teach you and your child how to protect yourself in the cold reality of the streets Is the teacher in shape Is he a fast talker and sound like a used car salesman when you are asking questions when you are asking about the program Take your time and do the math.

Personally of all the Karate schools Pompano Beach,  I found Blackzilians the best school in the area. From the facility to the multiple programs and finally the “world” champion instructors and staff.

Karate Schools in Pompano Beach

Our Martial Arts, Aftercare and Winter/Spring/Summer Camp blog contains articles, opinions and ideas
sent in by The Blackzilians and our community.

Benefits Of Karate Schools in Pompano Beach

Attending karate schools is one of the best health exercises out there, and it is not just for kids. It is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure that they have perfect health and that they are able to feel better about their life both physically and mentally. Here are the top 5 benefits about being enrolled in Karate schools.


  1. You will see that you instantly have better sleep! When you are desiring to sleep, there is nothing better than knowing that you are being able to relax and also that you will be completely comfortable with the process of relaxing. Plan on enrolling in Karate Schools in Pompano Beach.


  1. When you are seeking the best options out there, you also have the ability to be completely relaxed when you have better concentration. There are is a certain level of learning as well as the concentration that means that you are going to be able to focus as well as know that you are going to have access to the best options out there.


  1. Karate Brings Great Emotional Health! If you are sometimes blue or are not sure about how you should feel you will have much better emotional health when you are working out on a regular basis, and you are releasing some endorphins, there is no better way than getting out and getting some exercise when you are enrolled in Karate Schools in Pompano Beach.


  1. Instantly you will also feel that you are going to have improved heart health! You will have better breathing, lower heart rate, as well as know that you are going to have a better resting heart rate. You will also see that you will have lower blood pressure, and you will feel much better when you are taking karate on a regular basis.


  1. You will have improved self-image! When you are working out on a regular basis, and you are also getting more exercise, you will have an improved self-image. You will be slimmer, feel better and be much happier than you were before when you are going to be enrolled at Karate schools.


There are many benefits to karate that are incredible and will enable you to feel much better, and that means that you will have access to all of the best options when you are in Karate schools Ft Lauderdale Florida. Make sure that you take the time so that you are going to be able to have access to the best health benefits and also realize that there are many other incredible benefits that are also mental and emotional. You will love everything about the Karate Schools in Pompano Beach. It is time for you to enroll and enjoy everything about the best benefits of karate and make sure that you love every moment. There is a time now to make sure that you are able to have a longer life and also a happier one

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