Taekwondo For Kids

taekwondo for kids

Kids Taekwondo – Modern and Olympic Style

In the time since the formal creation of the art of Taekwondo, kids taekwondo classes became a must. This Korean contribution to the martial world has become the world’s most widely practiced martial art.

From its original roots as the fighting system and martial philosophy of the Korean national military forces, Taekwondo has evolved into several distinct variants. These include those which are more sport-oriented, as exemplified to the highest degree by the inclusion of Taekwondo as an official International Olympic game.

Apart from the modern sport evolutions of  children’s Taekwondo, you have the traditional sides of the art, which descend from both native Korean martial styles such as Tae Kyon and Subak, as well as Okinawan and Japanese Karate.

Here at Velocity Martial Arts of Lauderhill / Pompano Beach, we provide instruction and training Taekwondo classes for kids. In the various sides heretofore presented, as well as the transitions between Taekwondo and MMA fighting (Mixed Martial Arts).

If you are seeking instruction and training in kids Taekwondo in the Lauderhill / Pompano Beach area, we at Velocity Martial Arts  are eager to assist you in the pursuit of your goals. Whether you have experience in the Martial Arts or have none, we have classes to meet your needs. We offer Taekwondo classes for  children of all ages.

Visit our state of the art facility in Lauderhill and Pompano Beach, and see why we have become among the elite kids Taekwondo gymnasiums in the South Florida region.

Dragons (Children 2-3 Years Old)

taekwondo classes for kids

Velocity Martial Arts  Pompano Beach / Lauderhill are proud to be one of the few Martial Arts schools that offer an effective and progressive children’s Taekwondo program suited to the needs of the very young.

While many may not believe that such a young student is capable of any productive study of the Martial Arts, we have developed a specialized kids Taekwondo program for this challenging group that will improve their sense of focus and listening.  Thus preparing them for a more intensive sort of training, such as they will receive in our Tigers (4-7 yr. old) program.

Generally speaking, children are usually able to begin our basic Taekwondo class at 2 and a half years old. However there are those children that may be ready at 2, and those who may need more time before they can begin.

kids taekwondo school

If you are interested in putting your child in our Dragons class (2-3 yrs.), bring them by our academy for a free evaluation. We will be pleased to work with them for 10 to 15 min, then either allow them to begin, or suggest a period of time which may be sufficient for them to mature just a bit more. This also gives a parent a chance to see how our program works, gives the child a chance to see if he or she even likes it, and gives the instructor a chance to meet you and your child, and give a professional opinion, before you make a decision.

Tigers (Children 4 – 7 Years Old)

taekwondo for children

While Taekwondo students of all ages have unique learning needs, students of the ages that constitute our Tigers program have particular needs which are especially crucial to develop.

These vital needs are personified in many ways, among them the transition between a child’s home environment and the new and often challenging requirements that participation in the academic world brings.

Parents may find themselves frustrated when their youngster encounters difficulty adjusting to the structured environment of the scholastic world. Some children are more well-behaved than others, as we all know, but ALL children will encounter some type of difficulty in this period of their lives, where academic and home-life patterns are being developed and established.

taekwondo classes for children

At Velocity Martial Arts Lauderhill / Pompano Beach, we understand the needs of this special age group, and our program is designed to aid your youngster in this learning process. Whether emphasis is required in the areas of fitness, discipline, focus, self-control, confidence, listening, or a less-defined characteristic, our method of Taekwondo instruction will bring about positive results in your child.

Parents often find themselves in the unenviable position of having to be the “bad guy” in order to correct a certain behavior displayed in a child’s day-to-day academic performance. The role of a instructor is to assist families in this regard, insofar as that the position of stern disciplinarian can be delegated to the instructor, leaving the nurturing side of the coin to the parent(s).

children's taekwondo classes

Often times as we all know, the very same instruction or admonition coming to a child from a source outside the family structure is heeded, while it may fall on deaf ears when issued from the same person the child views as “mommy” or “daddy”.

Parents are often delighted when a particularly tough issue arises, and rather than having to deal with the sometimes painful needs of strong discipline themselves, they are able to refer such a problem to their child’s Martial Arts instructor, thereby absolving them from the frustration that the youngster will inevitably feel at such correction.

For the few children that are able to somehow escape any or all such scholastic difficulties and even any behavioral issues at home, Taekwondo can be a fun, exciting, and rewarding form of exercise that instills achievement and excellence in a student, as well as teaching them practical self-defense techniques.

If you are looking for kids Taekwondo classes in Lauderhill Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, or Tamarac, get your youngster involved in our Tigers Taekwondo program today.

See for yourself why our method is second to none in the development of this unique age group.

Juniors (Children 8 – 12 Years Old)

kids taekwondo classes pompano

Few periods of a person’s life are as filled with challenge and change as those defined as pre-teen and early teen years. While it is certain that ALL stages and periods of life bring with them their own unique challenges and difficulties, the transition from child into young adult is perhaps the hardest for a number of reasons; adjusting from the relatively controlled demands of early childhood into the beginnings of the teen years and the limited freedoms that progression brings can often be difficult for a young person to understand.

it is typically in this stage of a child’s life that social issues such as bullying, peer pressure, and self-esteem become apparent; this is also the period where one may begin seeing signs of depression, withdrawal, or their counterparts;acting out; rebellion; or troublemaking tendencies developing.

Velocity Martial Arts Lauderhill / Pompano Beach / Lighthouse Point / Tamarac not only recognize this, but have created a unique system of helping this young generation deal with these issues. Teaching life skills through kids Karate and Taekwondo such as: Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Perseverance, Confidence, Integrity, Respect, and Team Work

There are few, if any, activities that can have as profound and significant of an effect, in regards to these concerns, as formal training in the Martial Arts.

kids taekwondo classes lauderhill

Whether a youngster needs special attention in the areas of discipline, self-control, confidence, self-esteem, or even simply a form of exercise to combat inactivity and a tendency towards a weight issue, our children’s Taekwondo program will be a positive addition to the life of your student.

At Velocity Martial Arts  Pompano Beach and Lauderhill, we have created an environment for our students that is both structured and fun. While not everyone is concerned with becoming a “top-class fighter” in this lifetime, the skills one acquires during the course of martial study are invaluable not only in the apparent aspect of self-defense and fitness, but also especially so in more intangible facets such as confidence when performing or speaking in front of large groups of people.

For those parents and children who are interested in the dynamic sport of MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, we strongly recommend that a child become involved in the more controlled and structured environment of traditional and modern Taekwondo training, to serve as a base or foundation for more intense combative sport, such as is Mixed Martial Arts.

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