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April 12, 2016 test

Pompano Beach After School Program

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Pompano Beach After School Program

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So I heard of this really amazing after school program in Pompano Beach and I am going nuts to try and get my kid this the program. So, I am a single parent it I do not really have a whole lot of family here in Pompano Beach, so I can really use all the help I can get. My son is a little shy and I have been really looking for an activity or a program to put him in where there is some sort of social interaction so he can meet new people and make some friends. I have made a few friends in the Pompano Beach area and they have all spoken so highly of this one particular after school program in Pompano Beach that I just really needed to loo into it for myself. And boy was I happy that I did!

I mean this Pompano Beach after school program seemed to have it all. The kids get pick-up in a van or mini bus thing that is driven by licensed driver. The van goes around to a few different schools in the Pompano Beach area to pick up kids. After that, the kids get taken to the after school programs facilities or center where they have a healthy and nutritious snack. My son is a bit of a picky eater so this would be the only part of the afterschool program that I would be a little concerned with. He doesn’t have any allergies or anything; he is just very particular about what he eats.

Another really cool ad helpful service that this particular Pompano after school program offers is homework assistance. Like I said,I am a single parent and the last thing I have time for when I get home from a crazy busy day at work is to argue with my son over his homework. My friends tell me that the counselors from the after school program are great at helping all the kids with their homework. Their goal is for the kids to go home homework free. And I got to be honest, that works great for me! After homework time come, I think, the part the kids like the best, playtime.

Not only does this Pompano after school child care service have a great play area, but the councilors also participate in structured play. This is what I am hoping will help my son out the most. Not only do they have free playtime and counselor structured game time, they also have a variety of martial arts classes to take as part of the Pompano Beach aftercare. Marital arts or karate might just be the thing my son needs to strip away his shyness and make new friends. Because this Pompano Beach after school program has such great leaders, I hear that all of the martial arts or karate classes are extremely safe.

That is peace of mind for the parents. But if you were to ask the kids, they would tell you that the karate classes are insanely fun. Well, I think as long as both side are happy, this aftercare program cannot be bad. So like I said, I am a single parent, I want to give my child all of these things, but can I afford it? All of my friends laughed when I asked home. They gave me the best news yet. They said that aside form all the wonderful reasons the chose this Pompano Beach after school program, it was because it was so affordable that they have stayed for as many ears as they have. Well, need less to say that new made my day. So, tomorrow after school, my son will go to his first day of his new after care and I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I know I made the right decision when I chose this after school program in Pompano Beach.

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