Florida Taekwondo schools

May 20, 2023 MasterCharles

Florida Taekwondo schools

The Best Florida Taekwondo Schools

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Florida Taekwondo Schools

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Florida Taekwondo Schools

There are many Florida Taekwondo schools. Needless to say, some are way better than others. In this article, I will explain a little more about what the phrase Florida Taekwondo means to me.

This paragraph is coming from someone who has a strong passion for Olympic Taekwondo sparring. First of all, Taekwondo is one of two Martial Arts that are in the Olympics. Judo being the other.  Now, I know everyone has different tastes, however since Taekwondo is a full medal art, I think Taekwondo Schools should strive to have a successful Olympic Taekwondo team. I say that because believe it or not, some Florida Taekwondo schools do not even go to tournaments, or do no-contact sparring. I agree that not every student is there to get kicked in the face, however to not even offer it does not seem even fair to the students.

That being said, lets forget about those bogus schools and focus on the good ones. South Florida Taekwondo Teams are some rated some of the best in the Country. We have 2 main social clicks of competent sparring teams. To keep things on a civil level, I wont name names. These teams typically get together at each others schools for free sparring sessions to promote the art and fellowship between these schools. Juan Moreno’s “Peak Performance”, Team Master Frank, De Jesus Taekwondo, and Velocity Martial Arts are some of the best Taekwondo Schools in Florida. They consistently bring a large team to tournaments and come away with more golds than other Taekwondo Schools. I did not mention all of the Taekwondo Schools that would typically come to tournaments because there are many and I would not want to disrespectfully leave any out.

LLike other states in the United States, have a huge problem besides these Taekwondo Schools that do not participate in Olympic Sparring. There are some Taekwondo Schools owners that are in it for the money, and only the money. I understand that we all have to eat, however without of even balance of passion and business there will be some negative impact. In most cases, these “belt factories” (again I will not mention names) will sign up student after student because of their corporate marketing help. At the same time the existing student that fell victim to the marketing campaign will realize they are now being ignored because their check cleared and the signed on the dotted line. Since they are now locked into a 1000 year contract, and the company is running some kind of martial arts-like class, they are powerless to do anything about it except pay.

The only reason that I got off on that rant, was because the Florida Taekwondo Schools that I spoke of in the last paragraph are ruining the sport and Arts reputation. People that may have been interested in enrolling in Taekwondo for themselves or for their children now have some serious negative anchors towards the art and any schools that teach it.  This is a shame. I speak about this matter as often as I can in public because the more the truth gets out about these kind of, the less effect they will have on us all. Educating the public is all of our responsibility as fellow Martial Artists.

In closing, Taekwondo is a wonderful Martial Arts with an unlimited amount of benefits. I hope you enjoyed this article about Florida Taekwondo Schools, and there will be more to come.